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We built an online app

Thursday 7th Jan, 2021

The Hyro online applicant tracking system ATS is not just that – it's much more. It helps companies with all the needs of the hiring process:

  • Make a job description (and set the right parameters for the candidate match)
  • Post it to Job boards and social media
  • Match existing candidates in the shared recruitment database with the job or invite own candidates
  • Have candidates self-match with jobs they are already matching
  • Follow the hiring process via a Kanban recruitment board
  • Move candidates to their next status or reject and give feedback
  • Schedule interviews using the automated time suggestions (eliminating the need to email back and forth)
  • Keep candidates informed about the process by automated notifications and emails


Hire with Hyro from Inqbr on Vimeo.

We built an online app. Where you can screen and match candidates with your job. Based on their culture and personality – and aspirations. You can either match with existing candidates. Or invite your own. Schedule interviews and track candidates. While keeping candidates informed and motivated. Go beyond the CV and get great people hired. Try something new – hire with Hyro.