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Sailing vs recruiting

Thursday 20th Jun, 2019

Recently the Hyro team sailed big oceans across countries! It turns out that sailing has a lot in common with recruitment; the wind can only be sailed in 270 degrees, never straight on.

What does that even mean? Let's start from the beginning.

Sailing is an activity where you go out on the (usually) big waters in a small boat, and with only the sails to make you move. You can use the engine, but you only have so much fuel. A long trip means you need to save fuel if something happens. Around the horizon lies the promise about a new land.
The time you have is limited, if you just have a few days off from work. Your plan will not survive contact with the weather. 

"There will be times when you see no islands". Keep sailing. They will come.

You need to be resourceful when the situation changes quickly.

If a situation doesn't feel comfortable, seek harbour, rest and replan.

The actual journey is the goal.

Recruiting is similar, while you do go out with small resources in a big world but what moves you is your business, reputation, work itself, work environment and even the promise of something better. Recruitment happens with deadlines and limits, but reality will always show itself.
There will be times when you have no candidates. Keep recruiting. The right people will come. Never give up and settle for less than what your company needs. You may need to take charge of the situation and try other things.

Business tends to change quick, and it could take a while for decisions to trickle down. Be ready to embrace change. Also in recruiting.

If you're not happy with the candidates, take a step back and rethink the strategy. What's missing?

The goal is to find great new employees, but the entire journey there means you'll have a chance to learn more about how the company is being perceived. 

Good luck on the recruitment waves and fair winds!


Robert Mejlerö