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The recruitment tides are turning

Tuesday 19th Feb, 2019

This is how you apply - Today

Companies ask you to apply for their jobs on big job boards or on their own websites. You have to actively search for jobs. Finally when you find something that is interesting, you need to fill out a wall of information. Always in different formats. Motivation letter. CV. Education. Skills. Experience. All previous jobs. Sometimes it's connected to LinkedIn but usually it doesn't work very well.

It's a tiring job, but in order to be considered for the job you have to do it.

How you will apply - in the Future

You will fill out one set of questions, in one place. The companies will have to go there to find you. And you will have many more options than you have today. In fact, you can sit back and wait to be contacted about interesting jobs. Sounds completely crazy? This is already there for one particular working group, Developers.

How can companies attract Developers?

It's almost impossible to hire developers today. When everyone has free lunch, a great place to work and great products, how do you stand out? You have to do something different. Since at least 3-5 years developers hardly need to apply for jobs anymore. They are a very attractive sought-after work force that many recruiters are trying to get hold off. Some has gamified it and made code competitions etc. But the point here is not how you can attract developers. The point is that in a few years, Digital Experts will also be as hard to find as Developers. Simply because they will have options. 

With Hyro you apply once

One of our inspirations in building Hyro has been to try to make life easier for the job applicants - the candidates. We know the recruitment tides will be turning soon, and then it will be algorithms and convenience that wins, again.



Robert Mejlerö