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Thursday 7th, 2021

We built an online app

The Hyro online applicant tracking system ATS is not just that – it's much more. It helps companies with all the needs of the hiring process: Make a job description (and set the right parameters for the candidate match) Post it to Job boards and social media Match existing candidates in the shared recruitment database with the job or invite own candidates Read more

Have you ever tried using any hiring software or applicant management software to attract talent online? There are a few tools on the market providing recruitment management (or in german “personalberatung software”) systems. They are called Applicant Tracking Systems Read more

Thursday 20th, 2019

Sailing vs recruiting

Recently the Hyro team sailed big oceans across countries! It turns out that sailing has a lot in common with recruitment; the wind can only be sailed in 270 degrees, never straight on. What does that even mean? Let's start from the beginning. Sailing is an activity where you go out on the (usually) big waters in a small boat, and with only the sails to make you m Read more

Friday 8th, 2019

Hyro is now a FDIH Member!

Hyro is now a member of FDIH - Foreningen for Dansk Internethandel (Organisation for Danish Internet Commerce). For Hyro and FDIH this is a partnership regarding access to each others networks for networking, recruitment, sharing experiences and getting insights from the business. Visit FDIH here:  Read more

Eat, drink and listen while we present Hyro the recruitment solution. Pitch and demo! Hyro is both powerful recruiting software and a cutting-edge applicant tracking system that streamlines your hiring process. We'll offer some Malbec wine and some finger food while we pitch and demonstrate how the SaaS application Hyro works when you are looking for great digital Read more

Tuesday 19th, 2019

Self-match feature

As February is slowly coming to an end – we have just released a new feature we have been working on for a while. The same algorithm that the hiring companies are using, has been turned around towards the candidates – and they can see a list of all the jobs they are matching for. And to that, they can also click "I'm interested". This means that candidates no Read more

This is how you apply - Today Companies ask you to apply for their jobs on big job boards or on their own websites. You have to actively search for jobs. Finally when you find something that is interesting, you need to fill out a wall of information. Always in different formats. Motivation letter. CV. Education. Skills. Experience. All previous jobs. Sometimes it's connected to LinkedI Read more