About this service

Hyro is an algorithm-based recruitment and networking platform that matches your company's profile needs with the skills, salary requirements and personality of our +1,500 digital candidates. You get access to the matched candidates profile resumé, a link to their LinkedIn profile as well as an assessment report on culture and personality match.

Key features of Hyro:

Hyro brings a few new concepts to the recruitment market. By going away from the CV and instead build on top of that, and look at what the real motivation and the wants and needs for a future job from the candidate — we have built an application who puts the candidates in the front seat. A powerful matching algorithm finds the common denominators between a job and a candidates experience, personality and culture. Together with a complete recruitment process tool to support the hiring teams, we have a product that is unique to the markets we operate in. For a company that's looking to hire talent, we already have many profiles filled out and for a small fee, they can register and start using the service. They can tap in to the talent pool already today. We encourage all companies to add their own candidates and use the power of the matching algorithm, instead of doing this work manually. The good thing is that the candidates they didn't find matching their specific job, could instead be matched with another job from another company.

  • Fully GDPR compliant (read our Data Privacy Policy).
  • Notifications on the recruitment process and matching activities to candidates.
  • A doodle-inspired interview scheduler that sends out suggestions to candidates based on availability of the recruiter.
  • A complete recruitment process overview makes it easy to follow the process.
  • Candidates can be matched by any company.
  • Mandatory feedback is built in to the application.
For a full list of all the features, please visit the respective pages depending on if you are a candidate or a company.

Legal and contact information

Hyro IVS
Jacob Bulls Alle 107
2860 Søborg
CVR: 40206604
Phone: +45 42 94 01 42
Email: hyro@hyro.app

Denmark: Christopher Sachse Aaris (LinkedIn)
Phone: +45 42 94 01 42
Email: christopher@hyro.app

Switzerland: Robert Mejlerö (LinkedIn)
Email: robert@hyro.app